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CED Dental Clinic offers you the first consultation, completely free of charge!

CED Dental Clinic offers you the first consultation, completely free of charge!

CED, Dental clinic specialized in dental implants.

CED is a dental clinic specializing in dental implants. Our dentists, specialists in this treatment, give a personalized treatment to each patient. We provide solutions adapted to the needs of each person, with the best professionals and quality materials.

This treatment replaces natural teeth that have been lost or that are very damaged due, fundamentally, to pathologies such as periodontitis or very advanced caries. Not going to the dentist and living without certain teeth entails a series of risks. Over time, the maxillary bone is reabsorbed by the absence of the tooth. When this happens, other tissues of the mouth, such as the gums, also deteriorate. Even the lips can retract, causing premature facial aging.

Dental implants avoid this type of complications caused by the lack of teeth. Its main objective is to recover the complete denture. At CED, as a dental clinic specialized in dental implants, we rehabilitate the mouth from both a functional and aesthetic perspective. To achieve this, our team are equipped with the most advanced technical instruments, adapting the new technology to obtain excellent results in our patients.

Clínica dental Ced Palma de Mallorca - Implantes dentales

The procedure consists of inserting a root into the jawbone and an artificial prosthesis over it. Our extensive experience as a dental clinic specialized in dental implants, and the integration of the latest systems in the sector, ensure the success of our dental implants. Thanks to the incorporation of the immediate loading technique, our patients recover their smile from the day of the intervention. We place the implant and the prosthesis in a single intervention, guaranteeing a comfortable and painless experience.

Clínica dental Ced Palma de Mallorca - Implantes dentales

This technique of dental restoration brings multiple benefits to our patients, such as the long durability of the implants. Generally, they are made with titanium or titanium alloys. This material adapts perfectly to the maxillary bone, it allows great support of the prosthesis and it is anticorrosive. The appearance that is achieved is like that of a natural tooth. Beyond appearance, a dental implant does not cause any different sensation with respect to an original dental piece.

After placing the implants, the patient returns to chewing normally, as well as tshowing a healthy and beautiful mouth. Many patients claim to bite more safely and firmly after treatment. Dental implants, in short, represent a significant increase in the quality of life.

CED, your dental clinic specialized in dental implants, performs a study of your teeth, gums and maxillary bone to determine the need for the dental implant. Request your appointment, we will study your case and we will help you recover your smile.

Clínica dental en Palma de Mallorca CED - Implantes dentales


Frequently asked questions

We have a wide variety of dental implants adapted to the needs of each patient. Dental implants can be unitary dental implants, multiple implants with bridges or implants for edentulous jaws. At CED we make an exhaustive diagnosis of each case and we use the digital design of smiles to achieve the most appropriate solution in each case.

Once the most appropriate type of implant for each patient has been decided, the necessary study of its characteristics is made to know if it is possible to perform the placement of the implant with immediate load or if it is better to use the traditional load implants to ensure the success of the implant rehabilitation.


The surgery of an implant causes minimal or no discomfort. It is performed under local anesthesia that makes you only perceive the sensations of work in the area, and the noise of the instruments. Sometimes it can produce inflammation of the operated area and hematoma but with the prescription of the indicated medications we will be able to minimize these effects.

If the tooth loss has occurred in the absence of infection and with an adequate bone bed it is possible to place the implants on the same day of the extraction. Otherwise we must wait. A provisional prosthesis can be placed during the wait to make it more comfortable. The less traumatic the loss of the tooth has been, the shorter the waiting time required.

The placement of dental implants requires a surgical intervention to prepare the bone bed and insert the implants. Several weeks later, the dental crown is placed. In very specific cases it is possible that in the same day the surgical  procedure and the placement of a fixed dental prosthesis are performed. Our specialists will be responsible for choosing one or the other treatment depending on each case.

To achieve osseointegration, good dental hygiene and control of periodontal disease is necessary so that the implants do not suffer bacterial contamination. It has been shown that smoking can be harmful.

Dental implants are made of titanium, biocompatible material, bioinert, stable, with the ability to integrate with the bone (osseointegration) and very good tolerance by the soft tissues. Therefore, the possibility of rejection is minimal.

The treatments with dental implants have shown very successful results of duration. Currently there are patients who have prostheses on implants for more than 30 years, which suggests that with the current advanced techniques we will get implants that last a lifetime.


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