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CED Dental Clinic offers you the first consultation, completely free of charge!

CED Dental Clinic offers you the first consultation, completely free of charge!

Your treatment of dental veneers in Palma de Mallorca with CED Dental Clinic.

Dental veneers can be the solution to various dental conditions. In CED Dental Clinic we study the situation of each patient, adapting to your needs your treatment of dental veneers in Palma de Mallorca. We manufacture each veneer individually, ensuring the adaptability to your teeth.

This treatment has several functions, the best known being the recovery of white teeth. It can improve the aesthetics of a smile in many aspects. Dental veneers correct dental crowding, cavities, small breaks or spaces between teeth (diastemas). Even people with very small teeth turn to dental veneers to enlarge them.Clinica dental Ced Palma de Mallorca - carillas dentalesIn CED Dental Clinic, we carry out your treatment of dental veneers in Palma de Mallorca in a personalized way. Our specialists make the veneers with porcelain or composite, two very resistant materials. Thanks to the great variety of shades in which they can be manufactured, the veneers do not differ from the natural teeth. Our professionals will ensure that each veneer fits the tooth without breaking the symmetry of your teeth.

The procedure consists of placing them on the anterior surface of the teeth. It is not an invasive treatment, since our dentists do not alter or eliminate any part of the dental structure. The tooth and its nerve are preserved. Once the veneers are placed, our patients can continue with their life normally. The denture is functional practically immediately after completing the treatment.

Clinica dental Ced Palma de Mallorca - carillas dentales

At CED Dental Clinic, your dental veneers clinic in Palma de Mallorca, we will help you to enhance the durability and effectiveness of the treatment. Veneers, unlike natural teeth, maintain their whiteness over time.

They are resistant to stains and discoloration. They act as a protective barrier for dental pieces, protecting them not only from stains but also from other harmful agents such as acids. Request your appointment now and ask about our dental veneer treatments.

Remember that at any time you can visit our dental clinic in Mallorca, located at C / Francisco Fiol i Juan nº 12. 07010 Palma de Mallorca. Illes Balears. The dentists and professionals of our clinic will inform you in detail about any doubts regarding the treatments of Conservative Dentistry in Palma de Mallorca. Also about teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental implants, endodontics, periodontics, dental prostheses, orthodontics in Mallorca. If you prefer, call us at the clinic or send us an email, in this case we will reply as soon as possible.

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At Ced we work to enjoy a healthy mouth. A healthy and aesthetic denture brings well-being and beauty. For this we have a team of highly qualified professionals and the latest technological innovations.

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