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Dental Whitening at CED Dental Clinic Palma de Mallorca

CED Dental Clinic offers you the first consultation, completely free of charge!

CED Dental Clinic offers you the first consultation, completely free of charge!

Have a safe teeth whitening in Palma de Mallorca with CED Dental Clinic.

In recent years, teeth whitening has become one of the most requested treatments. The desire to recover the white in the teeth to show a more attractive smile has driven this demand. Entrust your teeth whitening treatment in Palma de Mallorca to CED Dental Clinic. We analyze the reason for the discoloration and look for the best solution for each person.

With this treatment the tone of the color of your teeth will be clarified, although it is necessary to know that the absolute white cannot be achieved. The loss of white is the result of various causes and some of them can not be controlled. Age or genetics are some examples. On the contrary, habits such as smoking encourage the wear of the dentin, favoring its darkening.

To determine the causes of the loss of brightness in your teeth, as well as the state of your general oral health, our specialists perform a preliminary oral study. In this way, we detect any anomaly that could hinder the treatment and endanger your health, such as the presence of caries. Our clinic adapts the procedure to the characteristics of your teeth, taking into account factors such as the type of enamel. In CED Dental Clinic, your dental whitening clinic in Palma de Mallorca, we have the appropriate technical instruments and materials to achieve a healthy tooth whitening.

It is a safe practice, as long as it is performed by a dentist. Currently, the user can easily access dental whitening treatments, acquiring them in any type of trade or beauty center. These, for the most part, contain concentrations of bleaching agents (between 0.1% and 6% of Hydrogen Peroxide) that can harm health.

The General Council of Dentists of Spain warns about this risk and urges the public to put the treatment in professional hands. To ensure your health and the effectiveness of tooth whitening, at CED we give a series of  recommendations to our patients and follow up on each of them. Exposure to teeth whitening without professional supervision can cause damages such as burns, mucosal changes, damage to the gums or even loss of teeth.

These are some reasons why teeth whitening should not be done in person with pathologies such as stomatitis or tooth sensitivity, problems that can only be detected by a dentist. Under professional control, the treatment is painless and does not produce harmful effects on the teeth or gums. In some cases, some patients have a mild sensitivity after the procedure, but it usually lasts about 72 hours. In our dental clinic in Palma de Mallorca we help our patients to attenuate this symptom, giving them recommendations such as the use of specific pastes and mouthwashes for tooth sensitivity.

In CED Dental Clinic you will securely get your teeth whitening in Palma de Mallorca. We explain all the care you must follow to keep your smile white. Contact us and ask for your appointment now.

Teeth whitening is an esthetic and conservative treatment, indicated to remove enamel and dentin stains. It is a quick, simple and painless procedure.

Remember that at any time you can visit our dental clinic in Mallorca, located at C / Francisco Fiol i Juan nº 12. 07010 Palma de Mallorca. Illes Balears. The dentists and professionals of our clinic will inform you in detail about any doubts regarding the treatments of Conservative Dentistry in Palma de Mallorca. Also about teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental implants, endodontics, periodontics, dental prostheses, orthodontics in Mallorca. If you prefer, call us at the clinic or send us an email, in this case we will reply as soon as possible.

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