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CED Dental Clinic offers you the first consultation, completely free of charge!

CED Dental Clinic offers you the first consultation, completely free of charge!

CED Dental Clinic, endodontics specialists in Palma de Mallorca.

The infection in a tooth requires an immediate and professional treatment to avoid the loss of it. This procedure, called endodontics, prevents the infection from progressing and damaging the tooth. Our endodontic specialists apply personalized treatments, saving your smile in the most effective way.

Endodontics is a necessary procedure to eradicate the infection in the nerve, the root or even, in the most severe cases, in the maxillary bone of a tooth. This condition can be caused by various causes, being chronic cariest, fractured teeth and severe trauma (such as a direct blow to the tooth root) the most frequent. In one way or another bacteria reaches the root canals, causing severe pain and progressive deterioration of the affected tooth.

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The intervention, popularly known as "killing the nerve", is based on removing the nerve or any other component of the tooth that is damaged. After the removal, it is filled with biocompatible materials that do not harm the tooth or the gum. Our endodontic specialists examine the situation of each patient and determine the most appropriate endodontic treatment for each person. We study the tissue to be removed, extracting only what is necessary and safeguarding the health of the tooth.

It is a very beneficial treatment for the patient, since it returns all the functions to the tooth, allowing its conservation and ending with the infection, as well as with the pain caused by it. Solving this serious pathology also allows eliminating other milder problems such as halitosis.

From Clínica Dental CED Palma de Mallorca we recommend going to our clinic as soon as you notice the first symptoms of infection. Our endodontic specialists warn about indications such as the darkening of a tooth and pain in it. Another sign is the presence of fistula, the pus that arises around the tooth. Not going to the dentist will worsen your health and will require a more expensive treatment. Request your appointment now, we guarantee an accurate diagnosis.

Remember that at any time you can visit our dental clinic in Mallorca, located at C / Francisco Fiol i Juan nº 12. 07010 Palma de Mallorca. Illes Balears. The dentists and professionals of our clinic will inform you in detail about any doubts regarding the treatments of Conservative Dentistry in Palma de Mallorca. Also about teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental implants, endodontics, periodontics, dental prostheses, orthodontics in Mallorca. If you prefer, call us at the clinic or send us an email, in this case we will reply as soon as possible.

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